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March 2010 Horoscopes: Being the Bridge March 1, 2010

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My mother always said March was the most challenging month of the year.  March is somewhat of a bridge, joining the winter season and the spring season.  And it seems like right as we get through some of the challenges of winter, it is time to cross this bridge to lead ourselves into the spring.  Bridges often can ignite some fear because we are suspended in the unknown, and there is a feeling of having to commit to where we are going.


This March starts with the Sun in Pisces, and the Moon in opposition in Virgo.  Our physical reality is dreamy, and our emotional state is more rational.  Can we commit to being the bridge between our physical and emotional states?Can we commit to truly integrating our mind and body and living in the spirit of one?


Pisces:  Happy Birthday Pisces.  Pisces is the last sign of the solar zodiac, and is the beginning of the lunar zodiac.  Pisces represents the feet in the body.  Our feet are so wise and resilient to the various shoes and terrains that we expose them to.  Our feel faithfully take direction and bring us to our desired location (even if the feet do not want to be there).  This month honor your feet.  Honor the wisdom in your body, and not just in your thoughts.  Your body is always speaking to you.  Pay special attention to your feet.

This month you have the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in the first house of your chart.  Self image, Communication, Love & Relationships, and topped off by abundance.  Things are shining bright.  You are more beautiful than you think right now.  People want to be around you and you have the power to be heard and air your ideas and feelings about things.  Use this popularity to be a bridge and bridge the people who surround you together – create friendships and relationships.


Aries:  This month starts off a bit sluggish for you.  Emotionally you are concerned about your well-being and health from a holistic point of view.  You may become aware of some of the habits that you feel have been holding you back from feeling energized and happy.  Aries, you have a lot of energy, and you want to share this energy with those who need it.  This is going to heal you and energize you.  As you give to others your truly give to yourself.  Can you find a way to make this happen daily?


Taurus:  This first week of March you may be wanting to start some kind of diet or health regime, but it is feeling stuck.  You may have been feeling stuck in quite a few ways Taurus.  As mentioned last month, Mars has been retrograde in your 4th house ruling domestic life and your home.  So you may be feeling like your living situation is up in the air.  And as we know that our home is a reflection of our first home, our body…when one is up in the air, so is the other.  Mars will return direct on March 10, and you should begin to feel like both homes are beginning to ground.  Spend time with Piscean friends this month.


Gemini:  The month starts with the moon in your personal 4th house of home, domestic affairs, and family.  This could be reflected by feeling close to your parents at this time and taking time to organize your home surroundings.  Maybe go through some boxes that have been collecting dust in your garage for months or years.  Sort through and donate what you no longer need.  Your 10th house of profession and career is also lit up with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in the sign of Pisces at the beginning of March.  For all Geminis who are involved with any metaphysical works – yoga, healing or in film or photography, this time of the month provides a lot of potential for your work to bloom and for you to create beautiful work.  Or dust off work that you have already done, repackage it, and re-believe in it.


Cancer:  This month starts off with your 9th house of study and travel lit up with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter in the sign of Pisces.  Are you getting ready for a trip?  This month shines in your travel house, so this is a good time to travel or to begin to make travel arrangements.  Your travels may inspire your right side of your brain to be activated and to get in touch a bit more with some of your emotions.  This travel that you are doing could also begin to blend into your profession.  Keep your heart and mind open to opportunity.


Leo: Dear Leo, this month Mars ruling action, ambition, and energy moves out of retrograde in your first house and back direct.  The past couple of months may have been challenging in making decisions and in ability to start new things or keep your usually optimistic outlook on life.  Well Mars is moving direct and jumpstarting your first house, so get ready for the ride.  Things are about to start moving and in a quick way, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.  Spend time with people you love, as you are feeling more close to humans and in your relationships want to dive even deeper.


Virgo:  This month starts with your 7th house or relationships lit up.  With the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter all in your 7th house, you cannot help but be surrounded with many relationships this month.  If you are seeing someone, the beginning of the month may feel challenging with the Moon in opposition to your relationship house.  Can you communicate with each other from the heart and not the ego?  Later in the month, Mercury moves into your 8th house in the sign of Aries marking a time where you will be deeply curious about how things work.  Go deep.


Libra:  The first week of the month, the moon will be in Libra, which should present a good setting for you to start fresh and to feel supported by the Universe.  With Venus in your 6th house this month, you should enjoy favor and popularity at your work place.  And with Mercury in your 6th house, try to not worry that much, but instead put your energy into trust.  You may find your self consumed by some thoughts about bad health, maybe even thinking you are not well.  Can you trust your body and know that the body has the capacity to heal itself perfectly?  This month trust in the parts of yourself that your physical eye cannot see.


Scorpio:  This month, make time to express yourself.  Your 5th house is full of favorable planets at the start of this month, and they want to encourage you to create and play.  Release some of the analytical tendencies to overthink, and give yourself time to not think.   Give yourself time to doodle, daydream, and create.  Express yourself through movement!  You also have Venus in your 5th house, so this is a great time for romance and being playful with your partner.  Do things together that nurture both of your creativity – attend concerts, films, and lectures.  You will bond together through these.


Sagittarius:  This month is a good time to take some time to breath and slow down.  Are you living in the present?  Are you doing things for the beauty of now, or are you caught up with doing things for a future?  Life can only happen in the now, so this is a good time to get acquainted with life and with the now.  Release some of the expectations you have for yourself, and instead sit with your emotions and feelings.  This might be a nice time to take 1 day off from work as a personal day (if you will).  Take this as a day to sleep, nurture yourself, and attend to the parts of your life that need your attention right now – your home being one of them.  You will not be left behind.  Everything that is coming to you is still coming.  


Capricorn:  This month is a good time to reach out to your siblings and family, and maybe even make some short trips to see them.  They will appreciate this, and it will be good for you as well.  This month is also going to cool down a bit in hopes that you will give yourself a little break.  Family may be a good reason for a break and may provide the sort of release and relaxation that will be beneficial for you. Whatever you put your mind to after the moon in your sign on 3/9 you will give your all to.  Act on your desires and passions. 


Aquarius:  This month spend some time reflecting on your self worth and confidence.  Surround yourself with people who believe in you and value you.  Soak in this energy until you are oozing it and believing in yourself just the same.  You have the power, with self-confidence to achieve all that you want to.  This month you are thinking about money.  You have your eyes on a few material objects and things – maybe a new bed or some killer shoes.  You may not usually have an attraction but this month you are attracted to these items, and there is something to be learned form this attraction.  What is it that we deny when we don’t act on our desires?  Why do we sometimes repress these desires?  This month believe in your worth, and you are worthy of any material item that is presented to you.



Helping Ourselves To Help Others February 19, 2010

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Helping Ourselves is vital to being able to help others.  While we help ourselves we naturally help others.  It seems simple, and probably almost selfish.  But it is necessary to make time to help yourself, listen to yourself and know yourself.

When I speak about helping yourself, I do not mean of numbing yourself.  There is a huge difference.  Numbing yourself is suppressing your feelings and “checking out” – – so you get annoyed by a situation and decide to go out that night and get as drunk as possible to escape the situation for a little bit.  Of course the situation still exists the next morning.  To help yourself with a situation, you may reach out to speak to someone about how you feel, to journal, to meditate, to pray, or to do something that will EMPOWER yourself through the situation.
I have not mastered Helping Myself, at times I was a master of numbing myself through different habits.  I am walking a road of empowerment and I want to share with every being as much as I can in love.
So make time to Help Yourself.  Here are some easy ways to Help Yourself and Empower Yourself:
1) Breath: Breathing is a powerful force in the body.  It keeps us alive, it balances our physical body, it cleanses our organs, and it unites the body and spirit and mind.  The next time you are feeling tense or stiff, try taking a few slow breaths through your nostrils and visualizing the breath moving through the parts of you that are tense.
2) Pray: Prayer is different to everyone and everyone has their own way of praying – that is what makes it so beautiful.  Connect with your Source  and notice how through that connection you are immediately empowered.
3) Speak Truthfully:  Say what is on your mind.  As long as you speak from love, there is nothing to hide.  If you feel a certain way about something, say it.
4) Be Vulnerable: It is really through our vulnerability that we are courageous.  Let yourself be vulnerable in all ways and therefore courageous enough to receive help and miracles.
5) Love: Surround yourself with those who you love and love you.  Call people and share your love and receive their love.  

Quote of the Day: On Pain February 18, 2010

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“The cure for pain is in the pain.” – Rumi

I have been thinking a lot about pain lately.  For a long time I tried to pretend much of the pain inside of me did not exist.  Pain is uncomfortable – it hurts, its scary, its a lesson from the unknown.  But what pain does do is it activates our ability to feel.  It rescues us from a state of being numb.  It brings our thoughts out of the past and the future and brings our attention to what is going on right now.  Pain brings our body and mind into an immediate conversation. 

The beauty of pain is that it brings the mind and body into integration.  Often if you are in physical pain, you allow yourself to cry (when you may deny yourself the tears at other times).  The pain in the body serves as a catalyst to shake up the brewing internal emotional pain and to let it out.

So when you are feeling pain, remember:
1) Like all other feelings, pain will pass
2) You are not the pain
3) The pain is a reminder for you to checkin with your mind and body and lead them into a stronger union
4) The pain is curing itself

Pain is a gateway to change.

Happy Valentine’s Day *** February Horoscopes February 13, 2010

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This year Valentine’s Day and the Lunar New Year fall on the same day.  The Lunar New Year is celebrated by many cultures in East Asia and is often marked by an animal.  This year is the year of the tiger, and in the Korean New Year, it is the year of the White Tiger, something that only occurs every 60 years.

This is a special Valentine’s Day and a special year, one that is marked by this special and rare white tiger.  The white tiger represents hope.  And sometimes on Valentine’s Day (especially if you are single) it can be easy to lose your hope, but keep your hope this Valentine’s Day, as we move into a New Lunar Year that is marked by a sacred, graceful and fierce animal. 

The white tiger is also a mark of feminine power and energy.  Use your intuition and instinct.  This is a year to feel your emotions, and from those feelings be guided.  Be inspired by Valentine’s Day!  Even if you are single, take note of the people around you who support you and love you.  

Love is not only for romance.  Love is for everyday, and for everyone.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Aries:  After Valentine’s Day, you have the Sun, the Moon and Mercury shining in your 11th house of friendships.  You may find you are getting more messages from friends, and maybe from friends who want you to get involved with their organizations or work that they do in the common good.  This is a great time to volunteer or align yourself with work that you value in the world.  If you are interested in volunteering at a hospital or charity, you may even find that you meet a potential partner or new friends in that setting.  You have Saturn in your 7th house of marriage and partnerships, if you are seeing someone this may be a time of difficulty in your relationship.  Remember all difficulties always teach us a huge lesson (if we let it).  Listen to what you are being taught about relationships and partnerships.  And take some time to be good to yourself and nurture yourself.

Taurus:  You find Mars in retrograde in the 4th house of your chart which dictates your home, and often your domestic life.  So you may find yourself feeling a bit stressed about your living situation.  Most likely your living situation has been causing you some stress since the end of 2009.  Well continue to bare the discomfort, and know that things are coming to a close very soon.  The New Moon of February occurs in your 10th house dictating your career.  People believe in you right now and want to offer you work.  It may even seem that you do not even have to seek, but instead you are sought.  Enjoy this trend and know that your friends and community support your success.

Gemini:  For the rest of February your 9th and 10th houses are lit up.  Your 9th house rules higher education and long trips and your 10th house rules your career and reputation.  You may be taking the steps and classes right now to embark on a new career, one that is marked by beauty and relation to people.  This is a great place to be at Gemini, and you should know that the career you are embarking upon is going to be quite lucrative as well.  This month continue to listen to your instinct and stay committed to your goals.  Make a list of where you want to be in the next 1 year, 5 years and 10 years.  Let this be a guide for you. 

Cancer:  Mars continues to be in retrograde in your house of relationships, feelings, and values, which may leave you lately feeling ungrounded and insecure about what you believe in.  You may be having troubles at home and feeling like leaving home is going to solve your problems.  And in fact a long trip might be pretty useful to revive your goals and relationships with others.  A long trip might help to take you out of the little bubble that you have been living in and re-open your eyes to the beautiful and complex world that needs your Cancerian touch upon it.  People need your gentle touch and confidence Cancer.  Be there for others.

Leo:  Change is in the air dear Leo.  And you are usually a good sport about it, however with Mars in retrograde in your first house, you might be feeling a little bit burnt out.  Remember that the retrograde is almost over, and also let this be a time to take care of yourself and think about your values.  What is important to you?  Who is important to you?  If it is not important to you, then leave it behind, and instead activate your faith to think about what matters to you.  Currently the Sun and Mercury are in your 7th house.  Use this time to speak clearly with those you are in relationships with.  Your friends will help you if you speak from the heart.  There may be some pretty big changes mid month, and do not resist them.  These changes have to be made by the Universe because otherwise you will continue to hold yourself back.  Leo, you are ruled by the Sun, and have the potential to shine bright.  It is time to step out of your way and shine.

Virgo:  Love is in the air dear Virgo and you are feeling loving, and are probably quite attractive right now.  You may even be attracting secret admirers who have pretty lofty positions at your job or admirers who are lawyers and writers.  If you are in creative fields, this may also be a very excellent time for you as your creativity is beaming and you are receiving a lot of excellent feedback.  You aare probably quite busy, and this is good for you because you enjoy feeling busy and useful.  Continue to put your heat into your work, but remember you are not your work.  Let your work be divinely channeled and let it take on the life of its own.  Make time for friends towards the end of the month to catch up and enjoy home.

Libra:  Libras you are feeling creative this month!  You have the Sun and Mercury in your 5th house and are feeling playful, romantic and creative.  Your social calendar may be picking up, and your artistic side wants to come out and dance and paint.  Your playfulness is enjoyed by many, and is making you quite attractive, especially to your friends.  You may find yourself entering a new relationship after Valentine’s Day, as the Moon moves into your 7th house in the sign of new beginnings, Aries.  This relationship may be marked by passion, but also with honest feelings.  This is a good time for you to enter a relationship.  The intentions are pure from both sides.  Allow yourself to trust and be trusted.

Scorpio:  The rest of February will have your 4th house and 5th house lit up.  Mercury will stay in your 4th house, ruling your home or perhaps your father.  So this may be a good time to be in touch with your father.  Your home will be a powerful place to write and read.  You may want to host a book club, or writing circle.  As the month progresses, your 5th house will be lit up with both Venus, the Sun, and Jupiter (and the Moon after Valentine’s Day).  The spirit of creativity wants to live in you.  You will be very successful with using your creativity and sense of style towards music and the arts.  You may be feeling a bit more adventurous than usual, which will lead to an active social life and quite a bit of romance.  Enjoy!

Sagittarius:  Your 4th house will be lit up towards the end of the month.  Questions about your residence and father will come up, and this will be an interesting time to explore your relationship to home and also to your parents.  Spend some time with them, and also spend some time journaling about your experiences with them.  Whether you are aware or not, your parents play a very important role in your life.  You will have good luck in matters relating to your home, so keep a positive outlook and being nice to all those your encounter.  With Mars retrograde in your 9th house, you may be considering taking a trip, and perhaps maybe even a trip that has to do with work or education.  Arrangements for this trip will be more easily made after March 10, but for now this is a good time to start planting the seeds in your head and start doing some of the research for this trip. 

Capricorn:  As February progresses and comes to an end, you will become quite busy, possibly with short trips, your neighbors, and siblings.  Venus, The Sun, and Jupiter will all be in your 3rd house, making you quite busy, and perhaps inspiring a lot of opinions.  With all you have to say, it would not be a surprise if magazines, blogs, or websites approach you and ask you to write for them.  Or perhaps you may be invited as a guest on a TV show to share your expertise.  Mars is in retrograde in 8th house.  I suspect that there have been some habits you have been examining since the beginning of the year.  Perhaps you have wanted to go on a health kick, or start organizing your office, but it has been quite challenging to get moving on it.  Get ready to get moving and becoming the best you.  Don’t only focus on changing the things you can see, but also pay attention to the things that you cannot.

Aquarius:  Happy Birthday Aquarius!  The second half of February starts off with a lot of energy in your chart.  With The Sun, Moon, and Mercury shining in your first house, you are feeling hot and energized.  You are getting things off of your chest and communicating clearly with those around you.  You are staying on track with your goals.  This is a great pattern to keep up with for the rest of the year.  You have Venus and Jupiter in your second house of partnerships and self-esteem in the sign of Pisces, making your partnerships both lucrative and grounded this month.  With Saturn in your 9th house in the sign of Libra, it may seem that you are experiencing challenge with school or with making the next step in your career.  Be patient, and release the need to control, it will all happen when you are ready.

Pisces:  Happy Birthday Pisces, as the 2nd half of the month is the birthday for many Pisceans.  You are rather lucky in love at the middle of February.  You may be receiving a lot of attention from your partner, and most likely if you are coupled up, you will receive some extravagant and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts. This could be a very special year for your relationship to grow and to meet partners who are going to cherish and spoil you. During this New Lunar Year, I want you to think of the Moon and how it transforms everyday.  It does not hold onto its form but knows that it is always growing and shrinking.  Let the moon guide you.  There is no need to be holding onto things in your life.  Let the things leave that need to leave, and then watch new things and experiences appear. 



NEW MOON in Sagittarius:: Wednesday 12/16/09 @ 7:02AM EST December 16, 2009

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A New Moon will occur in the sign of Sagittarius on Wednesday December 16, 2009 at 7:02AM.  

This is the last New Moon of 2009.  So leave behind all of the fear, issues, and anxiety with the rest of 2009 and step forward into the clarity of the New Moon and 2010 with the spirit of Sagittarius.
Sagittarius is the 9th astrological sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Jupiter.  Sagittarius rules the themes: higher education, philosophy, athletics, and travel and Jupiter is the planet of abundance, good luck, and optimism.  We are being blessed with an optimistic new moon this month that wants to encourage us to walk with a spirit of positivity and knowing that everything is possible.  Sagittarius asks us to “Think & Dream BIG”  
As I think about this holiday season, I think about how often this time of year is referred to a time of miracles.  I think of one of my favorite movies, Love Actually, and each time I watch it I love to see the miracles unfold and see everyone catch the spirit of love and hope.  I think that this new moon is similar.  This is a season of miracles, if we let it be.  
The Sun, Moon, and Venus are all in the sign of Sagittarius, so be optimistic about yourself and also about love and romance.  Have hope and believe in miracles so that they can happen in your life!
This is a GREAT day to set the tone for the rest of the year.  Be courageous and look the world in its face.  Today we receive a cosmic blank canvas for us to paint our goals on with a brush of positivity. 

December 2009 Horoscope! Reflecting & Projecting December 3, 2009

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As we approach the last month of 2009, this is a great time of the year to think about what we want to create in 2010, and what we are ready to release from our lives in 2009.  Recently I have been thinking a lot about the term “sentimental value”.  The word “sentimental” comes from the Latin word “sentire” which means to feel.  Often we place sentimental value on objects and things that seem to make us feel or brings us back to a very unique feeling in my life.  Anything and everything is sentimental, and what I want to share in this horoscope for the last month of 2009 is that feelings are always alive within us, and it doesn’t take things, objects, or people to bring them out.  You have the power within you to alwaysfeel and be connected to your feelings.  You also have the power to release things from your life that are making you feel bad.  This is the time to release them.. Travel light into 2010!

Sagittarius:  With the Sun, Mercury and Venus all in your first house at the beginning of this month, you will definitely enjoy some new and energizing energy this month.  There will be a lot going on, and a ton of opportunities that will present themselves to you especially in the areas of writing, communication, and entertainment.  If you are in the entertainment fields – singer, dancer, musician, this is a great time for you to really identify with this persona and embrace your artist identity and let it guide your outlook on life.  While in the past, you may have been very private about  your artist identity or even keeping it a secret, now it is time to open up and share your gift with others.  Have faith in your artistry, it will provide for you.  This month look at everything as pure potential and opportunity, nothing is happening by accident. 

Scorpio:  Recently you may have been evaluating your connection to money and values.  Perhaps you are questioning your connection to your job and no longer feel ethically connected to it, or perhaps you feel very connected to a new cause that you value and want to spend more time devoting your energies to seeing this cause flourish.  With the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in your second house in the sign of Sagittarius, you may be feeling connection to the causes of education or athletics.  This month, you have the teacher planet, Saturn, in your 12th.  Saturn is teaching you this month through your relationships with other people.  Before the end of the year, make peace with all of those that have taken you on an emotional ride in 2009.  Forgive them, but most of all forgive yourself.  Make time to pamper yourself before 2010 and to spend some time loving yourself.

Libra:  Saturn entered into your sign on Oct 29, 2009, so you may have been feeling some shifts over the last month.  Saturn is the planet sent to teach us and it teaches us through challenges.  Living with Saturn can be difficult, but we know that challenges always come to an end, and challenges truly present us with the chance to grow and to shed old habits for more effective ones.  Every stage of life has an end, and a beginning.  This is a new phase in your life where a lot of the things and situations that have been considered comfortable in the past no longer exist.  You are creating your life anew right now, and sometimes that may seem scary, but keep creating, and keep imagining and know that you are worthy of living a happy life full of love and success.  Spend some time this month catching up with old family and friends.  They want to support you and help you through this new time in your life.

Virgo:  This month, your 4th and 6th houses are highlighted.  The 4th house is the ruler of the home, so perhaps this month you are starting off in a new home or your home has recently undergone some transition that you are learning to adjust to.  Your home is a place of comfort, however do not mistake complacency with comfort.  The 6th house rules general health and work matters.  While the 4th house of your astrological chart rules the physical home, in a sense the 6th house rules your first home – your body. And often your body reflects the state of your physical home.  Oftentimes people who are having digestive issues find relief after they have cleaned their home and removed a lot of clutter.  This month pay special attention to the state of each of your homes.  Take time to care of each home.  Remove clutter from each of your homes before the start of 2010.  Take the time to bring clothes and household objects to your local charities.  In the same way, it is time to release the habits in your mind that are creating clutter in your mind.  This month, be bold!  You have Mars in your 12th house.  Mars rules ambition and drive!  Unclutter your mind, so that Mars can soar and lead you bravely into 2010.  Release fear, and act boldy this month! 

Leo:  This month you should be feeling great!  You are ambitious and lots of energy, this is making you very attractive to others, as you are radiating self confidence!  You are also extra creative this month.  You are identifying with your power to create beauty in whatever area you choose to.  This month,keep the self confidence going – you are able to create so much including the life that you want to lead.  This month think large about not only the things you want to create for yourself, but think about the things and situations you want to create for the wellness of humanity.  Think about what you would like life to be like for people you may not even know.  You may be surprised on how easy it is to start creating for the wellness of humanity and how once you start creating from this point, everything is possible!

Cancer:  This month your 6th house is lit up, so you may have work on your mind.  Perhaps you are about to start some new work projects or perhaps you are itching you to start some new work projects.  This month, put your heart into all of your work this month.  You have a lot of energy to give this month towards your values, and they will create new opportunities for you.  Later into the month you will find many relationships being lit up in your life.  It is going to be time to look more seriously at some of the relationships and friendships you keep and decide on which ones you want to continue through in the new year.  It may also be time to reflect about which relationships you do not want to continue into the new year.   Communicate your needs to others and let go of those who are going to keep you in the past.

Gemini:  The beginning of the month starts out with the Moon in your first house, in the sign of Gemini.  You may be in quite a communicative mood, and be feeling your emotions more strongly than usual at this time.  During this month, you have your 7th house, house of relationships and marriage lit up.  This month may be a time for commitments and relationships to grow more serious and take on a deeper level than in the past.  Or perhaps you have recently taken a step towards this stronger commitment in a relationship, and now you will begin to feel and experience the responsibilities that come with these steps.  Your relationships are serious right now, and are teaching you a lot about the person that you are growing into.  It is important to communicate clearly and honestly now about your hopes and dreams for the future.  This is a great time for you to join forces either with a partner or a friend and create a business that you both are committed to.  If you can’t find your dream job, make your dream job. 

Taurus: This month will deal with a lot of transformation, at least in the beginning of the month.  Embracing transformation is often a challenge for Taurus (and many others) because Taureans love comfort, and transformations take you out of your comfort and often challenge you to reflect on everything that you were comfortable with and say goodbye to it.  Transformations are taking you exactly where you need to be Taurus, and this month of December if you are ready, by embracing transformation, you will end up on a journey that will nourish your soul.  You are ready for a new career in 2010, and a new career is ready for you.  In order to meet it though, you are going to need to leave behind the fear and things that have made you comfortable in 2009, and leap into 2010 with confidence and courage.  Are you ready?

Aries:  December is going to be an exciting month for you Aries, although every month is usually exciting for Aries.   This is a great time to exercise your creativity, as you have Mars in your 5th house during this month.  Have you wanted to try a dance class or make jewelry or spend time painting in the park?  Well this is the month to do it.  This is the month to let your creative passions lead you and to nourish your soul through creative expression.  Perhaps in the past you have not considered yourself an artist, but others are always recognizing your artistic ways  perhaps through your cooking, your fashion choices, or your writing.  This month, take a break from living in your mind.  Yes, you are very smart and know how to analyze through the mind, but this month let your heart lead you.  Let your heart make the choices for you, and feel the difference.  Take this habit with you into 2010.

Pisces:  While you may not be a very impulsive person by nature, you may recently have been acting a bit more impulsive or in ways that your friends are surprised by.  This is very exciting for you and all the choices that you have made are going to lead to exciting places and people, even if right now you are having difficulty in understanding the why behind your decision.  This month you are charming and favored by all people that you work with.  Your diligence and hard work is paying off, and you are going to be challenged to take on more responsibility at your work place, perhaps in a way where you will be working more closely on communicating with clients, or being the face of the business.  You have a great imagination, and it is time to start using your imagination for its best use.  It is time to let your imagination serve as a blueprint for the life you want to lead.  There is no need to second guess your imagination, it is speaking from your soul. 

Aquarius: Relationships are going to be very energized this month for you.  You have Mars in your relationships and marriage house.  You may be feeling extra attracted and passionate about your partner and this is going to charge your relationship and encourage more trust in your relationship.  This is probably going to be a social month for you, and I encourage you to go out, spend time with your friends, and mingle in various alumni and social circles.  Socializing often comes easy for Aquarians, as you are naturally popular and often sought out in crowds, and always have something interesting to talk about.  This is also a great time for you to get involved with your community and perhaps volunteer at a school, mentor a young person, or give time to keeping your local parks clean.  Aquarians value the nature of humanity in a large scale way, so spending time serving humanity really helps you to focus on your goals and light your ignition for your future.

Capricorn:  The beginning of the month may start off a bit slow, but towards the middle of the month your first house of new beginnings are going to begin to light up and you will feel a lot of paths beginning to open in your life.  As the Sun, Mercury and Venus move into your first house in the middle of the month, you may also feel committed to making some changes in your life that are going to be for your best interest.  You may be feeling extra serious about 2010 and accomplishing your goals and taking care of your health.  You are always very reliable to others, and people see this and depend on you.  But this is a great time to also rely on yourself and turn inwards to accomplish your goals and not looking to be guided by the advice of others.  You already have all of  he drive and knowledge within you, trust your instincts.


Why Do Things Have to Be Hard? November 20, 2009

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I am writing this blog more to myself moreso than to my readers….but since we are all reflections of one another, I am sure that this may come in handy to you all as well.

I am transitioning in life.  Yes, life is actually just 1 big transition, but there are times when you feel and overstand the transitioning moreso than at other times.  Right now I am transitioning, the time I have waited for is here.  And the truth is that transition is fun to imagine, but in reality can cause me some anxiety and old fears to resurface and attempt to haunt me.
The old fears or rather the old habits of negative thinking.  During this transition little seeds of doubt have been trying to show their face and make me scared.  So I am writing, because I move energy through words, and I need to move this energy.  
Sometimes my mind/the mind defaults to negative thinking…perhaps because of past circumstances that we have experienced and labeled as “disappointing” or as “negative”, but the truth is that at any point in our lives, we can turn the switch, and reprogram our default settings on our mind.  What we have viewed as disappointment in the past has been necessary to bring us right to where we are right now.  However we don’t need to visualize or expect feelings of being unfulfilled.  We are always fulfilled.  God is always working through us.  We have God on our side during these transitions because God wants us to leave where we are at to get to where God needs us to be.  
So in this way, transitions are often a journey of Faith.  Transitions call for the highest amount of Faith possible.   It calls for us to look the past, all the supposed disappointments and fears RIGHT in the FACE and kiss them and say goodbye, and hold on to God’s hand and know you are going where you need to go.
I feel much better now.  Thank you for receiving this.